Telegram Group Links

Telegram is one of the best places to connect with family and friends. If you’re looking for the best Telegram Group Links, then we have come up with the best idea for this thing. We are here with 1600+ telegram group links.

It’s quite easy to find a group and join that group in telegram. I’ll share all this stuff over here. All you need to focus on this article to know details about it. Telegram has come up with a direct message and group discussion idea.

As the number of telegram groups is increasing daily, it becomes very hard to find the best group for you. We will provide you best & active Telegram Group Links. This will help you join the right group and ensure you get the best ideas ever.

These listed groups are super genuine, which will help you get instant access. All you need to do is hit the click here button beside the name of every group. This will make sense in joining any groups over here.

Telegram Group Links

Cryptocurrency Telegram Groups

Group NameJoin Link
CWN Crypto ChatClick Here
Binance EnglishClick Here
Airdrop Alert DailyClick Here
WazirX DiscussClick Here
Bitbns CommunityClick Here
Bitcoin United StatesClick Here
Binance IndiaClick Here

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Technology Telegram Groups

Group NameJoin Link
Geeks ChatClick Here
IT Security TalkClick Here
Telegram Android TalkClick Here
Top Tech ProgramsClick Here
Android CustomisationClick Here
C/C++ ProgrammingClick Here
Telegram Bot TalkClick Here
XDA Off TopicClick Here
TechTalksClick Here
Windows ProblemsClick Here

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Education Telegram Groups

Group NameJoin Link
Mechanical EngineeringClick Here
Science QuizClick Here
New IntegrationClick Here
Railway RRB NTPCClick Here
PGPrep GroupClick Here
Reasoning + GKClick Here
Data Science,ML & AIClick Here
WifiStudy QuizClick Here
AIM4PGClick Here
AWS Exam PreparationClick Here

Finance Telegram Groups

Group NameJoin Link
Entrepreneurial JourneyClick Here
Business & Finance ChatClick Here
Wealthy AffiliateClick Here
Business AnalysisClick Here
Startup InstantClick Here
Banking & FinanceClick Here
Entrepreneurs GroupClick Here
Import & Export worldClick Here
Stock DiscussionClick Here

Jobs Telegram Groups

Group NameJoin Link
HR GroupClick Here
Crypto FreelancersClick Here
Campus PlacementsClick Here
Indeed Job PortalClick Here
Digital Marketing JobsClick Here
Mechanical EngineeringClick Here
VRS JobsClick Here
USA JobsClick Here
IT FreelancerClick Here
Jobs/Internship/HiringClick Here

BGMI Telegram Groups

Group NameJoin Link
BGMI Custom RoomClick Here
BGMI HQClick Here
BGMI ProClick Here
BGMI UCClick Here

Free Fire Telegram Groups

Group NameJoin Link
FF Game SupporterClick Here
Free Fire Girls GroupClick Here
Free Fire Video TipsClick Here
Garena Freefire TeluguClick Here
Brazil Official Free FireClick Here
Free Fire APK 2024Click Here
Free Fire Gamer 2024Click Here
Free Fire India 2024Click Here
Lokesh Gamer Official FFClick Here
Free Fire ID Sell & Buy 004Click Here
FF Gaming SquadClick Here
Free-Fire VIP & PS ModsClick Here
Free Fire TipsClick Here

Sports Telegram Groups

Group NameJoin Link
Football FansClick Here
WWE FanClubClick Here
Sky Sports ChatClick Here
Football & FPLClick Here
WWEbestNetworkClick Here
X PSXClick Here
Tipster GroupClick Here
Kerala Blasters FansClick Here
Manjappada KeralaClick Here
FPL GroupClick Here

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Dating Telegram Groups

Group NameJoin Link
International DatingClick Here
Perfectmate DatingClick Here
Tinder Chat!Click Here
Dating Chat OnlineClick Here
Match UKClick Here
ShaadiClick Here
Dating GroupClick Here
Canada DatingClick Here

Entertainment Telegram Groups

Group NameJoin Link
Just For EntertainmentClick Here
Movies ThoughtClick Here
Crazzy MuzicClick Here
HotShots EntertainmentClick Here
Daily Life HacksClick Here
SarcasmClick Here
Funny ImagesClick Here
Programmer JokesClick Here
MemesClick Here
The Worst MemesClick Here

Motivation Telegram Groups

Group NameJoin Link
Motivational VibesClick Here
DepressionCommunityClick Here
Daily MotivationClick Here
Daily Moron ChatClick Here
Think Positive WordsClick Here
Spiritual GroupClick Here
Motivation ShayariClick Here
GroupNamesClick Here
GroupNamesClick Here
GroupNamesClick Here

Marketing Telegram Groups

Group NameJoin Link
Digital MarketingClick Here
Learn Affiliate MarketingClick Here
Dx30 LikesClick Here
Learn Digital MarketingClick Here
Instagram EngagementClick Here
WordPress CommunityClick Here
CPA MarketingClick Here
Digital Marketing AgencyClick Here
Growth | C&LClick Here

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Food & Health Telegram Groups

Group NameJoin Link
Yoga LearningClick Here
Natural HealthClick Here
Healthcare FormsClick Here
Depression AnxietyClick Here
Food Science & NutritionClick Here
Natural Health ChatClick Here
Yoga & MeditationClick Here
Food HuntersClick Here
Food ProcessingClick Here
Delicious FoodClick Here

Earn Money Telegram Groups

Group NameJoin Link
Earning TricksClick Here
Deal Of The DayClick Here
Earning Profit TricksClick Here
Earn Money CashClick Here
Cricket EarningClick Here
Earning BazaarClick Here
Group EarningClick Here
Daily EarningClick Here
FreeEarningTrickClick Here
EarningZoneClick Here

Funny Telegram Groups

Group NameJoin Link
Epic MemesClick Here
SarcasmClick Here
Programmer JokesClick Here
Best Funny Videos ‎Click Here
Daily MemesClick Here
Be Like BroClick Here
PUBG Mobile MemesClick Here
Funny MemesClick Here
Gif CollectionClick Here
Laughing ColorsClick Here

Indian Telegram Groups


Group NameJoin Link
Indian CultureClick Here
Proud IndianClick Here
Indian ActressClick Here
Startups Of IndiaClick Here
All Jobs AlertClick Here
Indian CommunityClick Here
Agriculture FeedClick Here
HR Group IndiaClick Here
Hindi BooksClick Here
Promote Your BusinessClick Here
Post Free AdsClick Here
Incredible IndiaClick Here
Kerala TemplesClick Here

Cricket Telegram Groups

Group NameJoin Link
Make Money By CricketClick Here
Cricket ChannelClick Here
Cricket LiveClick Here
Cricket GroupClick Here
CRICKET TeamClick Here
Daily Match UpdateClick Here
Cricket MatchClick Here
Cricket Prediction ClubClick Here
Cricket Real MatchClick Here
Cricket MatchClick Here
Cricket Market LoadClick Here
Cricket ExpertClick Here

Football Telegram Groups

Group NameJoin Link
Football & FPLClick Here
Kerala Blasters FansClick Here
Fantasy AddaClick Here
Manjappada  Blasters FansClick Here
Sky Sports ChatClick Here

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Girls Telegram Groups

Group NameJoin Link
Girls StyleClick Here
Pretty GirlsClick Here
Girlish FactsClick Here
Romance GirlClick Here
Fitness Girls MotivationsClick Here
Girl’s StylesClick Here
Youth Boy And Girls EducationClick Here
Love & Couples Images GirlsClick Here
Aesthetically Pleasing Asian GirlsClick Here
Mote, Beautiful GirlsClick Here
Girlish-Click Here
Korean AestheticClick Here
Fashion Girls Vs BoysClick Here
Cute Pretty GirlsClick Here

Business Telegram Groups

Group NameJoin Link
Business & Finance ChatClick Here
Entrepreneurial journey (EJ)Click Here
Startup Builders CommunityClick Here
All India BusinessClick Here
Entrepreneurs GroupClick Here
StartupLanesClick Here
Trade CentralClick Here
Startup InstantClick Here

YouTube Telegram Groups

Group NameJoin Link
Sub 4 SubClick Here
Youtube subscribersClick Here
Youtube UnOfficialsClick Here
Yt Creators HubClick Here
Subscribe 4 SubscribeClick Here
Free SubscribersClick Here

What is Telegram Group?

Telegram is one of the biggest platforms for creating an online community where all the members can join a group and likely converse with each other. Family groups can also share all the photos and videos over here.

The company can do all the business discussions here; all these things are easier and super specific. This will surely carry a greater significance with all the ideological preferences over here.

These telegram groups have become the best place to discuss any specific topic or get information. The best thing about the telegram is it comes to 1,00,000 people under a group without any premium subscription.

How to Join a Telegram Group?

It’s an easier task to join a telegram group;

  • We have already shared a huge list of telegram groups,
  • It would help if you chose a category over here of your choice,
  • You’ll get to explore the huge number of links in different categories,
  • It’ll help you in getting a direct click-here button which will help you get access to that group,
  • After that, hit the Join Now button,
  • Now, you’re a member of that particular group!

Types of Telegram Groups

Based on the number of people, the Telegram group is categorized into two types including;

Telegram Public Group:

  • Open to anyone.
  • Created around specific topics or interests.
  • Easily discoverable through search.
  • Members can join without invitation.
  • Designed for broader discussions and community engagement.

Telegram Private Group:

  • Restricted access.
  • Requires invitation to join.
  • Offers higher privacy and control.
  • Not easily discoverable.
  • Exclusive and closed communication space.

Features of a Telegram Group

Telegram Group has come up with some amazing features. All these features are amazing and ensure you get the best experience—all you need to get a decent idea of these groups.

  • Reply: If you like to reply to a particular text message, swipe left, type a message, and tap on send over here. By using this technique, it’ll be easier for you to reply to anyone over here.
  • Pinned Messages: In case a super group member likes to inform a message to everyone in the group, then he can pin a message. This is quite specific and ensures you get the best experience.
  • Mention: One can mention anything while exploring the group. All you need to use the name by using ‘@’. It’ll help you in getting all the direct messaging experience by using Telegram messenger.

How to Create a Telegram Group Link?

How do you create a telegram group invite link? If yes, then you need to focus on all these steps;

  • First of all, you need to open Telegram and tap on the group’s icon,
  • Then a new window will open with the add member option,
  • You’ll get a direct option of ‘Add a Member via Invite Link.’
  • You’ll get a shareable telegram to join the group link; burn the Copy link option,
  • Now, you can share the link using other social media like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or others!

How to Create a Telegram Group?

If you’re interested in creating a telegram group, you can do so on Android, iOS, and iPhone devices. We will provide you with a detailed and step-by-step guide over this thing which will help you in creating a telegram group.

Android Devices

To create a new group on your Android device, you need to follow these steps;

  • First of all, Download the Telegram App,
  • Then, you’ll get to see a circular button with the pencil icon,
  • Now, you can go with a new group and create your favorite group,

iOS & iPhone

To create a group on your iOS and iPhone, all you need to do is

  • Go to the Chats,
  • Then click on the icon which is presented in the top right corner,
  • You can start all the new messages by creating a new group or broadcast list.

Closing Opinion

If you’re looking for genuine Telegram group links to join, we have provided you with the best guide. All the listed groups are active and boost your overall experience of education or entertainment.

We have provided you with the best guide about it. Stay tuned and keep visiting our site to get access to all Telegram Group Links!


How to find the most active members of a Telegram group?

=> It’s impossible to detect the most active member of the group, but if you regularly follow the group, then you can get to know the active member of that group!

How Many Telegram Groups Can I Join?

=> There is no limitation over this thing; you can join as many groups as you wish.

Can Others See My Telegram Groups?

=> Surely Not, one can see you in any telegram groups you join.